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Lyrebird Were the FIRST to Manufacture Bullnose, Concave and Convex Verandah Rafters to Building Code


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"The best thing is that everything you could think of needing to install our bullnose verandah was thought of and included in the price, which was very reasonable."
Rob Bamford, Lyrebird customer


Are you a Builder Looking for Verandah Materials?

We'll make it easy for you! Get in contact and we can assist with:

  • A Verandah Rafter Plan - See Request a FREE Verandah Rafter Plan for what we'll need to grab from you to draft this up

  • A Bill of Materials - A quantified list of the materials for the entire verandah component of the job

  • Your Local Suppliers - We'll help you obtain quotes from your local timber yard for all of our bullnose verandah products

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Looking at a DIY Verandah Project?

  • A Verandah Rafter Plan - We can supply you with a verandah rafter plan that will comply to building code so that you're clear on how it all fits together. See Request a FREE Verandah Rafter Plan for what you'll need to provide us with in order for us to draft this up for you

  • A Bill of Materials - A full list of everything you'll need, from top to toe - that's all the rafters, framing, bolts, iron, etc. - so that your bullnose verandah project can get up and running quickly and easily

  • Step by Step Instructions - Our brochure "How to Build a Bullnose Verandah" outlines best practice in building a bullnose verandah. We have developed simple instructions, with explanatory diagrams to help you build your bullnose verandah well. Perfect for your DIY verandah job!

  • Our Expert Ear - We can give you expert advice and provide many free resources and guides to ensure that your DIY verandah project doesn't end up a disaster! It's all part of our exceptional service

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Request a FREE Verandah Rafter Plan

Typical information that we require to provide a verandah rafter plan for your bullnose verandah includes:

  • Length & Width - Length along the house, and width from the house to the outside of the verandah beam

  • Height - Height against the wall of the house

  • Rough Sketch - A drawing or sketch is very helpful, e.g. does the verandah go around a corner?

  • We'll Provide the Radius - We will calculate the rafter radius based on the measurements that you provide that will provide the best look and the proper angle for effective water run-off 

"Thank you once again for renewing our faith that there are suppliers still to be found that offer good old fashioned workmanship, prompt delivery and backup advice when required."
K & H Donald, more satisfied Lyrebird customers.


Send us your request for a Verandah Rafter Plan


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Why Choose a Bullnose Verandah?

  • Reduce your electricity bills for good - With electricity costs on the rise, it's a smart move to give your air conditioner a rest and rely on more sustainable ways to cool your home. Once installed, your bullnose verandah won't cost you an arm and a leg every month like your air conditioner might!

  • Bullnose verandahs provide very effective insulation - The curve of a bullnose verandah cuts off direct sunlight and weather into your rooms. As a result, rooms behind a bullnose verandah remain surprisingly cool - even on notoriously hot Australian summer days.

  • Add real dollar value to your home - Adding a classic Australian bullnose verandah will add real value to your home, providing a pleasing outdoor living area that can be used by all the family. 

  • Bullnose verandahs are beautiful - Architecturally, the bullnose verandah is a lovely feature that enhances the asthetics of your home.

  • Environmentalists say that every home in Australia should have solar panels, a water tank and a bullnose verandah. 

Why use Lyrebird Verandah Rafters? 

Lyrebird are the highest quality verandah rafter manufacturers in the industry


Lyrebird Enterprises were the first to manufacture bullnose, concave and convex verandah rafters to building code. The unique features of our bullnose verandah rafters mean less cutting and fiddly work and thus make for the fastest way to build a bullnose verandah. Our rafters are:

  • Made from better than F8/MGP12 radiata pine - Giving you structurally sound AND visually appealing verandah rafters

  • Fingerjoined for superior strength - Ensuring that your bullnose verandah or arch withstands the test of time AND weather

  • Specially designed for fast fixing to the fascia beam - So that you can get the job done quickly AND well

  • Designed and tested to meet and exceed requirements for SAA codes:

    • AS1170 Part 1: SAA Loading Code
    • AS1720: Timber Structures Code
    • AS4055: 1992 Wind Loads for Housing

Need More Detailed Information?

For architects, draftsmen and council building inspectors, we have a range of literature, span tables and other helpful how-to information.