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Window Canopy | Window Awnings | Timber Window Awnings | Window Canopies | Timber Awnings | Front Door Canopies | Decorative Timber

Window Canopy | Window Awnings | Timber Window Awnings | Window Canopies | Timber Awnings | Front Door Canopies | Decorative Timber


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*** We service customers Australia-wide ***


Lyrebird make a range of sturdy, solid pine window canopies that will cool your home, save you money and add a stunning feature to your home.


Dear Customers,
Due to price increases across high grade timber and steel products, from 1 July 2016 the price of our products will increase by 5%. This will be our first price increase in over 3 years. 


Why install a Lyrebird window canopy?

  • Reduce your energy bills - A window canopy will keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so that you can turn off your air conditioner or heater and save on electricity costs.

  • Stop unwanted weather reaching the window - No one likes scrubbing the windows! With a Lyrebird timber window awning, you won't need to. You'll also extend the life of your window sills and frames, as they won't be subjected to as much weather wear.
  • Stop sun bleaching - Curtains are expensive. Make sure that yours last longer, keeping them protected with a Lyrebird window canopy. And a window canopy won't just protect your curtains, it will protect your bed covers or lounge furniture as well.

  • They are a fast and inexpensive way to add a stunning feature to your home - Improve the resale value of your home and enjoy the envious stares of your neighbours. Within as little as 1 hour you can install a Lyrebird window canopy and not only enjoy the benefits they bring, but also add a attractive feature to your home (wider windows will take a little longer).

  • Allows you to leave your window open during a refreshing rain shower.

  • They are made to last - Our window canopies are made using radiata pine and treated with Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP) to H3 level (protection for components above the ground), to resist rotting and borers.

    Please note: Due to the LOSP treatment, an oil based primer needs to be used before applying acrylic paint. 

"The quality of this product from workmanship to the timber just simply "blew us away" when we upacked it. The whole experience was outstanding and unexpected in this day and age of mass production standards."
Ken & Hilda Donald, Lyrebird customers

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A 9 metre long window canopy - type BF


Boringtobeautiful.jpg - large



**** Click on the pictures below to enlarge or print them ****

Window canopy type "B4" showing lower roof line and fascia plate
Window canopy type "BA" (Miniorb roof)
Door canopy type "D1"

Window canopy designs

Which window canopy design is best suited to your home?

 Window Canopies Window Awnings - Profiles


These canopies come out 900mm from the wall

4Canopies900Out.jpg - large
Window canopy kits
Lyrebird supply complete window canopy kits, containing:
  • 2 x window canopy brackets of your choice
  • 2 or 3 angled battens, to suit window width,
  • and fascia plate for types B4, B5, B6, BF, BG, BA & BB
  • Miniorb (ripple iron) or regular corrugated iron in your choice of BHP Colorbond colours. (see colour chart below)
  • Top and side flashings
  • All necessary bolts and screws etc.
  • Full installation instructions.


Often the canopy (if it is not too wide) can be fully assembled at ground level, and then mounted to the wall in its designated place.

Window awning type "BA"
Window awning type "BF"
Window awning type "B5" with fascia

Ordering information

*** We service customers Australia-wide ***
When ordering your window canopy kit, please have the following information at hand:
  • How wide is your window frame? Lyrebird window canopy kits cover windows to
  • 750, 1100, 1600, 1900, 2300, 2700, 3200mm.
  • For example, if your window frame is 2300mm wide, you would order a 2300 wide kit.
  • Measure your window frame outside to outside.
  • If you prefer to locate the end brackets away form the window frame, order the next width up.
  • For window frames wider than 3200mm, ensure that here is a place where a middle bracket can be fixed on the wall or on the window frame.  
  • What will it be attached to? Please let us know if the window canopy is going to be attached to a brick or timber wall, so that we can provide you with the appropriate fixings.

  • What colour colorbond would you like? Choose the colour of your window canopy roof and flashing from the colorbond colour chart above. Miniorb or ripple iron, or Blueorb standard corrugated iron are available in all these colours.
    We do recommend miniorb for the roofing, because the regular corrugated looks rather bulky on a short distance. 
  • For canopy types BA, BB, BF, BG, B4, B5, B6:
  • When you are ready to order, print this page and take it to your nearest timber supplier, or call us on (03) 9707 4300 or email us on with your details and the above information and you'll soon be enjoying your new window canopies!
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Door canopy type "D3" - 2 in a row
Door canopy type "D3" 1600mm wide
Window awnings types "BG" and "BF"
                     WindowCanopytypeB6.jpg - large

    Window Canopy type B6

   900mm out:

   Cool room,

   Smart home. 



750 High x 900 Out


Angled battens make all the difference!

Standard Colorbond Colours 2014

Window canopy type "BB" (with fascia omitted)