Architects, draftsmen and council building inspectors


We have a range of services and copyrighted literature available for architects, draftsmen and council building inspectors, including
  • Brochure - "Verandah Construction Span Tables"

    for Rafters, Fascia and Battens/Purlins

  • Brochure - "Ready-Reckoner"

    for Rafter Spacing, Roof Height, Sample Rafter Plans

    of Bullnose, Concave/Convex and Ogee roofs

  • Test reports for our rafters meeting design requirements
  • Test reports to determine uplift capacity of our rafters under cyclonic wind conditions
  • Assistance in designing heritage restoration work of verandahs with curved roofs
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A Curved-Arch verandah patio
Shopping Strip Bullnose Frame
Fast construction, handsome look, they must be Lyrebird rafters!


Timber merchants and truss manufacturers


Let us help you determine what your customer needs:

  1. Email us a plan and elevation of the verandah, or a reasonably accurate sketch
  2. We will Email you back a rafter plan that conforms to building code, with a quote and lead time

For your clients we also have available:

  • Brochure - "How to Build a Bullnose Verandah"
    Download now!
  • Brochure - "The Verandah Brochure" for verandah decoration and other products
    Download now!
  • Brochure - "How to build a Transverse Gable over a Bullnose Verandah" and
    "How to Attach a Bullnose Roof onto House Eaves"
  • Assistance in designing any type of curved beam or rafter to match existing