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Garden Arch Kits

Lyrebird Enterprises' delightful Garden Arches will show those Jones' who's boss all year round! 


Our Garden Arches are made of LOSP(H3) treated pine, keeping them protected and looking fresh through all types of weather. Cypress pine in-the-ground footings are also available.


Available in a variety of profiles that will suit any garden design, our Garden Arches come with lattice or slat sides, to suit your planting needs. Assembly is quick and easy - Lyrebird's Garden Arches can be assembled in just 20 minutes.


Lyrebird Enterprises Garden Arch with Seat

Ask us to include a seat in the centre of the archway, giving you a cool and refreshing spot to take a break from your gardening. And they look fantastic too!


Please note: The seat shown here is for a Kent garden arch.

We have designed others to suit the type of arch you have selected.


The spires are fixed by way of an ingenious dovetail joint and once assembled, can still be transported at need as the focal point for your celebration, such as a wedding or anniversary

  • Internal dimensions - 1000mm wide x 600mm deep x 2100mm high 
  • Also available: 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm wide.

Garden Arch Kit Specifications

Our Garden Arches come in ready to build kits that make assembly quick (approximately 20 minutes) and easy (a cordless drill and a hammer is all you need). Our Garden Arch Kits comprises:

  • The Garden Arch framing - 4 Legs, 4 Top Curves, 2 Spires, 4 Leg Brackets and slats or lattice to suit.

  • All necessary hardware - Each kit comes with 40mm, 50mm, 70mm and 100mm screws, everything you'll need to assemble it there and then.

  • Full assembly instructions - We've outined the assembly from start to finish and provide drawings and examples.

Garden Arch profiles


Select from the following Kent. Kowloon or Bourke Garden Arch profiles with either lattice or slat sides:


Garden Arch - Kent Profile - With Lattice Sides

Kent - Lattice

Garden Arch - Kent Profile - With Slat Sides

Kent - Slats

Garden Arch - Kowloon Profile - With Lattice Sides

Kowloon - Lattice

Garden Arch - Kowloon Profile - With Slat Sides

Kowloon - Slats


Internal Dimensions for all 3 designs:

1000mm wide x 600mm deep x 2100mm high


 Also available: 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm internal width.


Garden Arch tips

  • Garden Arch footing - The legs are best embedded in the ground with quick-set cement. (Eco-Inground protection supplied). One bag of Rapid-Set cement will do all four legs. Cypress pine in-the-ground footings are also available - just ask when you place your order.

  • Painting - When painting, first apply an oil-based primer, after which any paint can be used. Some of the components may already be partly primed.

  • Transport tip - Our Garden Arches are often used as a focal point at celebrations, such as weddings and anniversaries. If you need to transport an assembled arch, just remove the two spires, and the two halves of the arch will fit in a station wagon.

Custom Garden Feature Design and Manufacture

Looking for something a little bit different? We are the custom kings! Have a look at this garden awning, that we custom designed and manufactured for a client's tennis court.


Have an idea, but can't find it anywhere? Contact us with your ideas, and we'll help you make them a reality.


Garden Awning - Custom Designed and Manufactured by Lyrebird Enterprises


Garden Edging

Select from either our Skink or Gecko garden edging profiles:

  • The Skink profile measures - 190mm high x 600mm or 900mm x 19mm

  • The Gecko profile measures - 140mm high x 600mm or 900mm x 19mm

Skink Garden Edging Profile - Available in 600mm or 900mm lengths

Skink Garden Edging

Gecko Garden Edging

Gecko Garden Edging


Garden Edging Kits


Made of CCA treated pine, each Garden Edging Kit contains:

  • 2 motif panels - With the Skink or Gecko profile

  • 2 plain panels - To place between each motif panel

  • 8 garden stakes - At 450mm long to secure the panels in place
Shipped to you in Convenient Garden Edging Kits - Gecko at 600mm lengthShipped to you in Convenient Garden Edging Kits - Skink at 600mm lengthShipped to you in Convenient Garden Edging Kits - Skink at 900mm length


This charming garden edging will scare the bugs away! The short panels allow our friends to meander around the garden, circle trees and bushes, and guide you along footpaths.

Lyrebird Enterprises Garden Edging Is Flexible and Attractive


Garden Bridges

We've custom designed and manufactured a number of bridge profiles for customers in the past.


Have a creek or pond you'd like to stroll across? Contact us with your unique specifications and we can design and build your perfect water walkway. 


Garden Bridge - Contact Us to Discuss Your Garden Feature Walkway Ideas



  • Personal gazebos - For larger gardens, we have a personal Gazebo kit product, that comes to you flat packed and ready to assemble.

  • Community gazebos - We have also custom designed and manufactured a number of larger gazebos, for municipalities and local councils wanting to provide a meeting place for their local residents.

Contact us with your gazebo ideas and we'll help to make them a reality!




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Garden Arch "Kent" with lattice - a real eye catcher

Garden Arch Kowloon - a charming entry

This Bourke Garden Arch was stained with a natural colour

Kowloon Garden Arch, with gate added later.

Create a stunning entry

Garden Arch - Kent with Lattice

A 1500mm wide Kowloon Garden Arch with Slats.

Perspective view of components for Lyrebird's Personal Gazebo

A delightful personal gazebo