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Gable finials


Gable Finials & Post Caitals




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Gable fretwork


Watch this space for our next line of exciting products


Gate post capitals


As shown above, you can select from 6 shapes / 2 sizes.


Looking for a turned vearndah posts or newel posts?

Please see our selection of classic profiles on our page "Verandah Decoration"


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Hallway arches
Lyrebird's hallway arches are made from clear pine, ready for staining or painting. They come in a set of 3 -  2 corner pieces and the dropper.
Sets are made to suit 3 spans:
  • 900 to 1100mm (700 high)

  • 1100 to 1500mm (900 high)

  • 1500 to 2000mm (1000 high)
The top rail of the corner pieces is trimmed to suit the width of your hallway or door opening, and the dropper is slipped over the cuts to hide the joint and finish it off beautifully.
Curved fascia barge

Another beautiful use of Lyrebird's Curved Rafters

Load bearing timber arches - for Arched Doorways
Lyrebird are now able to meet your internal load bearing arch needs. Smart looking, versatile and solid, Lyrebird's timber arches are made from MGP12 pine and the inside of the arch has a smooth sanded surface.
Designed to be part of a 90mm wall frame, the arches will carry the same load as a stud wall. Each side has a 90 x 45 x 100mm extension and rests on a 90 x 45mm stud (supplied with the arch) which is fixed to the door frame.
Installation in 3 easy steps:
  • Place it in an opening

  • Fix it to the wall frame

  • Blend the wall and arch surfaces with wallpaper or plaster

Arches for construction

Lyrebird are able to manufacture any size arch for your construction project. Here's one that we recently constructed to builder's specifications with a 6.5 metre width and over 3 metre height!
Contact us with your requirements and we will build to spec.
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